Seniors Connect – Volunteer Services and Program Support

The Volunteer and Programming Development Coordinator assists individuals who are wanting to give back to the community and volunteer at various seniors’ programs. With the financial support of the Province of British Columbia the following activities are available at the Drop-in and with-in the community through the Seniors Connect Program.

Volunteer positions include:

• Visit one-on-one
• Cook or assist with a meal
• Serving meals
• Assist with games
• Set and clean tables

Tuesdays Together Program - Join other women who are over 55 and are wanting to meet new friends, visit, talk, and support each other by sharing similar experiences and interests. Luncheons out on the third Tuesday of each month. Carpool from Saddle Mountain Lounge at 1751 Glencaird St. at 11:30 a.m. Social/Meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Saddle Mountain Lounge.


Healthy Living…Aging Well is held once a month and gives participants an opportunity to have their blood pressure and weight checked and discussion on topics of diet, such as water consumption, salt and sugar intake and reducing fat in your diet. Compliments of the “Breaking Bread” program, participants have been provided with BPA free water bottles, samples of salts. The participants have been able to sample healthier versions of pizza, salads, fruit smoothies and unsweetened yogurts with fruit. This program draws between 10-20 seniors at each session.

Artistic Corner is scheduled once a week and is specifically for the senior population and is held at the Senior Drop-in. This activity provides an opportunity for artists to share their skills and works of art, and if interested, others can give painting a try. There is no cost for this program and supplies are available.

The Handyman Service is a program to assist older citizens and/or people with disabilities to “age in place” by better ensuring home safety and functioning, as well as, to increase contact with older people who may be living alone and are isolated. And provide a lower cost then a tradesman.
Who is eligible for this service?
Seniors, and people with disabilities on limited income.
The Senior’s Corner a weekly column in the local newspaper that helps promote new and on-going programs; it’s a place where seniors can share their life experiences, and along with at times have a bio about volunteers that work with the senior programs. To view this weeks "Senior's Corner"…
Senior’s BBQ in the Park was a venue for seniors to get out and enjoy a lovely day outside and partake in some good old fashioned BBQ burgers, salads, and desserts with their peers. This event which invites people from outside the area, including nursing homes, was held at the local community hall and was attended by fifty seniors and ten volunteers.
Senior’s Fall Ball is a venue for seniors to get out and enjoy some old time music, dancing and a nice lunch out. This event invited seniors from all over the Okanagan, was held at the Lumby Community Hall and was attended by sixty seniors and 10 volunteers.

The Seniors Connect Program is funded by Community Gaming Grant and the United Way North Okanagan Columbia Shuswap



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